I majored in English in college for two simple reasons:  I love to read and I love to write. 

As I reflect on my studies now, it is clear to me that I really chose English because there is no right answer.  Unlike Math & Science where there is categorically one correct solution (and oftentimes only one correct way of getting to said solution), English allowed for some creative license.  Reading any novel assigned, I could interpret it any way I saw fit provided I had strong evidence to support my positions.  With every Jane Austen novel I read (Emma a clear favorite), I used the storyline and characters to prove that Austen was indeed a feminist who fought for a woman’s right to choose their own happiness.    

Fifteen years later, I found my calling as an Interior Designer.  Design may seem like a far cry from Pride & Prejudice, but creating functional and compelling living spaces isn’t that different from studying English.  (Of course, I first needed the proper foundation, including two long years pursuing my design degree.) Today, I’m able to look at the ‘curriculum’ (my client’s lifestyle and specific requests) and interpret the rooms as I see fit.  Provided that I properly show my clients the necessity for a certain furniture plan or lighting scheme as well as high-quality furniture, fabrics and window treatments (among others), I can justify my vision for bold, beautiful rooms that ensure a client’s happiness.

And funny enough, life has come full circle where I get to read and write about Interior Design on my new blog!  Except I am going to call it “Musings” as the English major in me detests the term ‘blog’. It’s an ugly word.  Jane Austen would have never approved.